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Lady of Vinca

The archaeological site of Vinca ranks among the world's most significant ones. It is in the village of Vinca, on the right bank of the Danube. On the basis of all the findings and the state of the terrain, the prehistoric Vinca site is divided into two fazes: the Vinca-Tordos (early Neolith - 6000 B.C.) and the Vinca-Plocnik (late Neolith - 5000 B.C.). There are nine horizons on the site. Archaeological material shows bull-like dishes, amphorae, sacrifition altars, and other. The ceramics was decorated with flutings and parallel lines with dots or engraved ribbons with dots. Special findings are the cylinder-like statuettes. The first systematic excavations started in 1908 and continued till to day.

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